Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Spencer has a lot of unused vacation time so when the opportunity presented itself to take an entire week off, he jumped on it! We accomplished a lot and had some fun too. 

The kids didn't have school in Monday so we worked together to clean the house and then went to Monsters University. Probably one I the best family movies I've seen in a really long time! Grandpa Dave and Grandma Tisa joined us. We all watch Gavin play flag football that evening. 

On Tuesday I left Spencer and the twins home and got to go get a pedicure with my good friend, Gina. While I was being pampered, I received the following text conversation. I'm still laughing. We watched Owen's final soccer game that night and I taught the young women from my old ward how to make bread. 

Wednesday was Spencer's 37th birthday. We went to the Outlets at Traverse Mountain to buy him a sports coat for work. We also got a chocolate and caramel covered apple and some peanut butter fudge from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We rushed back to Draper to join Owen at school for lunch. (Once a month, parents are invited to celebrate the birthdays happening that month...and Owen's is on the 20th!) That night, Callie babysat while we went to dinner at Tucano's...Spencer's favorite place to eat. 

Callie watched the twins again on Thursday morning so that we could attend a temple session. It was my second but Spencer's first time seeing the new presentation. So powerful. We had lunch with Callie. 

Spencer built an awesome bike rack out of PVC on Friday. We found the DIY instructions on line. When Owen got home from school, Spencer asked him if he wanted to help put it together. Owen said he didn't feel good but tried to help for a while. When I was finished with piano lessons, I listened to Owen's symptoms, since he wasn't acting any better. Within the hour we had a confirmed strep test and a prescription for an antibiotic. He went to bed early and woke up a healthier boy.

Saturday we went to Cam's football game. Sunday was church. Monday, Spencer flew to California for work. And that was the end of his weeklong vacation!


Anonymous said...

sounds awesome! I love the new Temple session too...

Jeff and Emily said...

Papa Troll.... BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

seananddiana said...

I LOVE your text message!! Hank kept asking me one day to watch "papa troll" and finally Hallie said "Mom, he wants to watch Paw Patrol". Ha ha ha. That is hilarious!! Sean and I laugh about "papa troll" all of the time! :)

Damien and Ashley said...

I'm also DYING over the text too! Same thing happened at our house!!!